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Enter Matsuri Japanese Restaurant in Perth, Australia, and firstly you hear the comforting, relaxing sounds of water gently flowing over riverstones, and secondly your senses will embrace the delicious aromas of Japanese Cuisine being prepared with the artistic flair of our experienced chefs. With such an introduction to our restaurant, you just know you are going to enjoy a fulfilling dining experience. The interior of Matsuri Japanese Restaurant is decorated with stainless steel and glass which is enhanced by the clever use of bamboo, water features and delicate wood tones, making this a perfect venue for a romantic dinner for two, a business lunch or any other special occasion. The meaning of the word Matsuri is festival, and as you explore the culinary delights, you will understand that dining at Matsuri Japanese Restaurant is indeed a festival of Japanese Cuisine.

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Lower level, QVI Building, 250 St Georges Terrace, Perth, Australia
Western Australia
(08) 9322 7737
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