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The Mareblý Hotel is situated in a ideal position in Senigallia, close the historical center in the Marche district of Italy. Directly on the sea, neighbour to the touristic harbour of Senigallia.

The Mareblý Hotel has recently been restructured with modern comforts. All the rooms, also the inter-communicating room, are equipped with private shower, services, phone, heating and independent conditioned air, telephone, radio and TV with satellite connection.

The common halls, the restaurant, the bar, the hall, enjoy the beautiful see on the sea and supplies heating system and conditioned air,as well the game room, the breakfast room and the small reunions hall. Outside there is a garden with swimming pool, American-bar,small parking car and a free beach with beach-volley field and playground for children.

The Mareblý Hotel is situated in a beautiful and quiet area of Senigallia, right by the sea in the Marche region. There is a breakfast room, TV room, library, games room. There is an ample garden with mini-golf, swimming-pool, American Bar, private beach with volley-ball ground, free private parking.

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Ostra Vetere
Ostra Vetere, anciently called Montenovo from the Middle Ages to 1882, is a small city approximately 21 kilometers far from Senigallia in the hillyland of the Marche, 252 meters over the sea level. Its singular panorama shows up in the country of the hill landscape.

InterNet site about the City of the sanctuary, where you will be able to find tourist services and information about the history and the culture of the city.

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Built on the slopes of the Cischiano mount, the city is in a singular panoramish position. Arcevia is the most important of 10 castles survivors of the medioevalen period. Important Tourist center, is an attendance value: S. Medardo, S. Ansovinosie and the neolithic ditch of ...

Mondavio is a peaceful country constructed on a beauty hill in the valley of Cesano, 20 km from the seacost. There you can find Rocca Roveresca, a masterpiece of the Italian rinascimental military architecture.

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Urbino is situated between the valleys of the rivers Metauro and Foglia, on two hills 451 meters over the sea level from which you can enjoy an immeasurable panorama that embraces green hills and majestic mountains. The historical center has been declared patrimony of the Unesco.

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The Caves of Frasassi are the most beautiful cave complexes in Europe. Their situation close to the common of Genga makes them a desired tourist goal, not just for the underground travels but also for the artistic, cultural and natural goods of the zone.

Senigallia is since 1853, with its thirteen kilometers golden sandcoast, one of the most serchead centers of the bathing tourism in the Adriatic coast. The city is famous for its "Spiaggia di Velluto" (Velvet Beach) and in addition its a beautiful example of the Italian "Rinascimento" stile.
Castelleone of Suasa
Guided visits to the Archaeological Park of the Roman city of Suasa and at the museums of the valleys of Misa and Cesano make a visits worth.

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