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Mandurah Dolphin Tours in Mandurah, Western Australia offers an incredible and unforgettable scenic dolphin cruise with entertaining commentary by the captain. Departing from Mandjar Bay, along the way you get to see the famous Venician canals, huge mansions, listed pioneer sites, vast wetlands, and of course the fascinating and amazing wild dolphins. Mandurah Dolphin Tours offer exceptional value, and the vessel is available for private events and functions, and the boats are smaller and more manoeuverable than most so can get closer to the action, and the dolphins like these vessels, so come close to play with them. Come for a fascinating and unforgettable adventure, you can enjoy a meal before at the Waterside Restaurants and cafes, as well as stroll along the serene Erskine nature trail, view amazing birdlife and kangaroos, you might even spot a baby osprey.

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73 Mandurah Tce,
Port Mandurah
Western Australia
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