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Maison Vandamme in Zeebrugge, West Flanders, Belgium | Restaurant

Maison Vandamme has gone to a better place. Thankfully, that is not figuratively speaking.
After 16 successful years in the Tijdokstraat we are moving the Restaurant to more spacious premises around the corner, on Kustlaan. There we have converted a former boat showroom into a modern, contemporary Restaurant with even more luxury and comfort.
The new building is divided over five floors and a roof terrace. You will recognise the building by its large glazed parts and the anthracite green façade.
You can park your car in our spacious car park in front of the door.
From the spring, our 'Boutique Vandamme' deli will be on the ground floor. This is where you will find freshly-prepared and carefully put together take away dishes every day. Fish, shellfish and caviar are the specialities.
A staircase or a lift takes you to the first floor. The fresh smell and the sound of rippling water that flows along the wall and down brings with it an atmosphere of water, sea and salty air.

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