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Welcome to Madsen Restaurant for a unique dining experience in Kensington, England in the United Kingdom.
The climate, landscape and coastal waters of Scandinavia have given rise to a unique food culture. The light, the long growing season and the wide open spaces create a cuisine shaped by the environment itself, healthy, natural, and infused with taste.
This is the background for Madsen Restaurant, a new Scandinavian Restaurant in South Kensington, England
Madsen Restaurant you?ll find food that?s simple and straightforward, yet full of character. Blending the traditional with the modern, you can enjoy dishes prepared with a variety of fresh, seasonal ingredients, brought to your table without fuss and unnecessary adornment, giving you food as it should be.
The emphasis at Madsen Restaurant in Kensington, England is on freshness, simplicity, purity and taste. Inspired by the Scandinavian tradition of using a variety of wholesome, handmade raw materials, we aim at sourcing our ingredients from local suppliers.
It wouldn?t be Scandinavian food without Smørrebrød. The famous Danish open sandwich is the centrepiece of our lunchtime menu, and we invite you to take your pick. Our delicious rye bread comes topped with, for example, Greenland shrimp, pickled herring with dill mayonnaise, smoked salmon, even asparagus and baby potatoes. The choice, like the Smörgåsbord itself, is a wide and healthy one. We also offer salads and a selection of warm dishes.
In the evening we offer an à la carte menu. Modern Nordic dishes are offered alongside a selection of more traditional dishes, and as at lunchtime the menu draws on the healthy diversity of Scandinavian raw materials. The different seasons are reflected in the dishes, as is a little of the culture behind them.

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United Kingdom
020 7225 2772
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Scandinavian Restaurant
Unique Food Culture
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Full Of Character
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