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Welcome to Madkonsortiet Restaurant, Aalborg, Denmark. An old saying goes that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. And surely, the same is true for women. Dining is closely associated with romance, and this makes a meal more than just a necessity for survival.

The cuisine at Madkonsortiet Restaurant, (which means "food consortium") consists of the finest ingredients and a large measure of love. Our logo shows a little man with his heart in the right place. Namely, on his stomach!

The menu features seven seasonal dishes that change every other week, inspired by the Danish-French-Italian kitchen.  Madkonsortiet,Restaurant is an exclusive, intimate Restaurant that can accommodate 30 guests. The emphasis is on fine food and wine, seasoned with personal, professional service.We look forward to welcoming you to a total sensual experience at Madkonsortiet Restaurant, Aalborg.

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Sankelmarksgade 15, Aalborg, Denmark
(+45) 9812 6856
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