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Welcome to Macys, Cromer, United Kingdom. The Restaurant used to be named Rumbletums, but was changed to the owner's name, Macys. The Macys menu has also been revamped and the Macys hope that the regulars and newcomers will be happy with the changes they made. In time, Macys hopes to open in the evenings as a well.

The aim of Macys is to use, wherever possible, locally sourced, high quality produce. The Macys feel it's important to promote and support the local economy. Macys Restaurant offers vegetarian as well as healthy options, using low fat and low salt ingredients where possible. If you have any other weird or wonderful dietary requirements, let Macys Restaurant know, and they'll do their best to accommodate you.

So, a little bit about us. We are young at heart, and at the right time of life to be taking on a new adventure. We're sociable people and like to travel. We both grew up in London, moved to Stansted in Essex four years ago and then Cromer in February, thereby having fully made the transition from the 'smoke' to the beautiful Norfolk Coast, and we couldn't be happier with our choice. We have a couple of 'handfuls' at home, a nine year old rescued Border Collie/Springer (a cross once described as 'loads of energy, no intelligence' - spot on!) named Frankie, and a one year old black cat named Otis. Otis is actually a girl but we didn't know in time. She doesn't care, she doesn't answer to her name anyway. Cats!!!

We're looking forward to becoming a part of the community and we hope to see you soon.

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7 Hamilton Road, Cromer, Norfolk
United Kingdom
01263 514 894
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