Macelleria Giaimo 1890

Macelleria Giaimo 1890 in Partinico, Palermo, Italy | Butcher | Restaurant

Macelleria Giaimo 1890 in Partinico, Palermo, Italy is your go to place for the finest cured meats, wine products, gastronomic specialties and meat cuts like their famous Florentine steaks. This Butcher shop, renowned throughout the province awaits you, and professional staff are on hand to assist, they have an incredible range of meat choices from pork shoulders to sausages, chicken, lamb, steaks and more of the highest quality. Macelleria Giaimo 1890 also brings you gastronomic dining pleasure with Sicilian delicacies, and every delicious dish is prepared exclusively from the stews to the arancini and mouthwatering vegetarian specialties, come shopping for their rich assorment of fine meats and other products, and stay for a delicious bit, it's all here.

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Via Principe Amedeo 72,
+39 091 8781417
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