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The Altstadt Wirtschaft in Kempten, Bavaria offers a wonderful dining experience of simple, local food paired with German-Austrian wines from the basement vault. Their cuisine is home made and the menu changes daily, plus their fish comes from the Bodensee, and they make everything from their own bread to the custard daily, they look forward to sharing their delectable culinary delights with you. The Altstadt Wirtschaft menu includes two starters, four mains and two desserts with choices of typical dishes of homemade bread, dumplings, ravioli, roast beef, Viennese veal cutlet, fresh fish, cheese noodles, venison, apple strudel and so much more, check what is being served on the day and enjoy.

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Rathausplatz 8,
+49 831 5658156
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German Restaurant
Homemade Bread
Roast Beef
Viennese Veal Cutlet
Fresh Fish
Cheese Noodles
Apple Strudel
German Wines
Austrian Wines