Locando Milano 1873

Locando Milano 1873 in Brunate, Como, Italy | Boutique Hotel | Hotel Restaurant | Wine Bar

Locando Milano 1873 is a 3-star hotel, restaurant and Wine Bar in Brunate, Como, Italy close to the Brunate Funicular station and guests here enjoy a wonderful stay in rooms of all types from single to family. They come with modern amenities and unlimited WIFI, also available is two beautiful apartments, and services include transfers from airports and stations at discounted rates, boat rentals and tours to wine producers. The Locando Milano 1873 restaurant lit with lanterns at every table offers a menu of exquisite seasonal dishes enjoyed with a rich wine list, and there are tasting evenings by Italian wine producers in season, come for a wonderful stay and your dining pleasure.

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Via A.Volta 62
+39 031 3365069
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Boutique Hotel
Hotel Restaurant
Wine Bar
Modern Amenities
Unlimited WIFI
Guest Rooms
Seasonal Dishes
Wine Tastings