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Live Fitness in Perth, Australia, is a family owned business that employs only highly skilled personal trainers who are dedicated in helping members to achieve their training and fitness goals. Massage therapies are not always available at Fitness Centres, but at Live Fitness we understand the healing benefits of massages, especially when it forms part of your normal wellness routine. Fitness Centres are now also including Zumba Fitness, a dance-fitness program that is ideal for people of all ages and shapes, as they bump and sway to the pulsating music. We also offer our members Boxing for fitness, which is a cardio-work out that encompasses the whole body, and the benefits derived from this work out includes greater fitness, weight loss, increased agility and coordination, and muscle tone. When considering Fitness Centres, look no further than Live Fitness, for the best in training and fitness.

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59 Aberdeen Street
Western Australia
08 9328 1130
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