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Welcome to the Lighthouse Museum, Narooma, Australia. When constructed, the light had an intensity of 45,000 candelas (candle power). It was subsequently increased to 250,000 in 1910, and 357,000 in 1933. The light source was originally oil, then kerosene followed by pressurised kerosene mantle, before conversion to electric power in 1969, with a light intensity of 1,000,000 candelas.  This mechanism was completely removed in 1986, and a battery of solar powered quartz halogen lamps installed in its place, radiating two beams of 120,000 candelas whilst consuming 75 watts of power.

The dismantled original light mechanism was packed, prism by prism in individual cases surrounded by expanding foam sprayed in to protect the contents. This subsequently hardened around the contents. The whole of the mechanism was then stored in Sydney pending a decision on its ultimate destination.

Obtaining the Light for the Lighthouse Museum.  In October 1986, the Narooma Apex Club wrote to the Department of Transport & Communications asking that the original light he returned to Narooma to be placed on permanent display in the town. This was agreed to, provided the light could be housed in a manner acceptable to the Department. Following consultation with Eurobodalla Shire Council, it was decided to house the light in an extension to be specially built next to and accessible thorough the Narooma Visitors' Centre. Grants were received from the NSW Tourism Commission, and the Australian Bicentennial Authority. Significant financial contributions also came from Eurobodalla Shire Council, the Narooma Area Tourism Association and Narooma Apex Club.

Apex members also contributed many hundreds of man-hours on construction of the Lighthouse Museum extension and tower, aided by many local citizens. Without this effort, construction of the Museum would not have been possible.  The first sod of earth for the project was turned on 17 May 1989 by NSW Minister for Tourism, The Honourable Gary West MP.  The restored and operative light mechanism, housed in the completed Lighthouse Museum was handed over in an official ceremony on 10 August 1990 by the Governor-General of Australia, His Excellency The Honourable Bill Hayden AC.

Installation of the Light, The tower was constructed using spray-on cement guns over square mesh steel reinforcement. In order to allow maximum access for viewing the light mechanism, the tower was built with a cutaway section on the inside, with an archway between the tower and the Museum roof.

Internal floodlighting is used to highlight the mechanism when necessary, although special sky lighting is usually adequate.

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