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Library Reading Up in Costa Adeje is the best second hand Bookshop in Tenerife boasting breathtaking open views of the Atlantic ocean, and there's an excellent selection of fiction, crime and adventure books, as well as science fiction and biographies. The currently have a general stock of around 5000 titles in English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Netherlands, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish and Russian. Library Reading Up are about reading books the old fashioned way, with ghosts of readers past and their history, they are cost effective and the greenest way to go, come stock up on great selections for beach reading, holiday reading, airplane reading and just relaxing, they have something for you here, you can even bring your books to exchange for credit.

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Bajo Hotel Gran Tinerfe l.6 Las Americas,
Costa Adeje
Canary Islands
+34 602 42 45 22
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Sea Views
Second Hand
Science Fiction
Adventure Books
Holiday Reading

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