Leeuwin Ocean Adventure

Leeuwin Ocean Adventure in Fremantle, City of Fremantle, Australia | Boating

Looking for fun, excitement and adventure?
A voyage on board Leeuwin will provide you with the opportunity to get involved in all aspects of sailing and operating a square-rigged sailing ship.
'but I've never been sailing before'
Most people who come on board Leeuwin have no prior experience, indeed many have never been to sea. Don't stress! The first few hours on board are spent getting to "know the ropes" and more importantly, getting to know each other.

Leeuwin voyages are not about learning to sail a tall ship, they are about self exploration, friendships, community spirit, teamwork, self reliance, environmental awareness and much more!!

Activities on board include setting sails, standing a watch during the night and day, taking the helm, navigation and all other experiences which are a part of sailing a magnificent tall ship. Often included in Leeuwin programs are talks from environmental experts, shore expeditions to remote islands and beaches.

Leeuwin operates under the principle of 'challenge by choice' although you are expected to get involved in many aspects of operating the ship, you are not forced to do anything. For example, climbing the mast is optional!!

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