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Le Relais du Lac Hotel in Hossegor, Landes, France | Gym | Hotel | private events

Le Relais du Lac Hotel in Hossegor, France, with its beautiful, serene location on Lake Marine and close to the city center, is a charming Hotel that offers relaxed stays in a choice of 29 spacious and comfortable guest rooms, many with stunning lake views. Guest rooms at our Hotel are all equipped with modern amenities as well as a balcony where guests can watch the sun gently casting its last rays over the lake. Facilities at Le Relais du Lac Hotel include Gym, bike rentals, free wifi, sauna, bar, room service, breakfast room, and front desk that is available 24/7. Our Hotel has a workroom that is ideally equipped for hosting seminars, business meetings or other private events for up to 35 seated guests.

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1675 Avenue du Touring Club De France
+33 (0)5 58 43 69 03
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Stunning Location
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