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Le Cottage Bise is a 4 stars Hotel in secluded garden setting on the lakefront of Annecy. Welcome to Talloires where the Bise family receives you in this enchanting Cottage setting.

Talloires, an authentic village, draws its charm from the majestic natural protected landscape that has inspired many painters and writers.

The choice is immense and the pleasure infinite Relax in the lounge over tea, enjoy an aperitif next to the swimming pool or on the patio.

In the soft light of our dining room- or on the shady terrace overlooking the lake, taste specially prepared and refined dishes, following the purest tradition. Taste too, the Omble Chevalier, the king of fish from the lake.

At 15 minutes from Annecy, 45 minutes from Geneva, Le Cottage Bise lake and mountain setting offer you a calm and peaceful atmosphere which contributes to the quality of your stay and/or business meetings.

Le Cottage Bise,offers 35 rooms, each with wonderful, panoramic views... onto the lake or the mountainous landscape.

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