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Lanterna Ristorante in Scarborough, Yorkshire, United Kingdom | Italian Restaurant

Welcome to the Lanterna Ristorante in Scarborough, England, United Kingdom. This classic, definitely not modern, Italian Restaurant is much a part of Scarborough as the nearby Boyes department store. In its two small rooms, the walls are lined with press cuttings and testimonials from satisfied diners.
Daily specials, including fish that Giorgio selects daily at the harbour, and vegetables religiously di stagione, keeps it lively. Italian produce - including wine, the remarkable prosciutto San Daniele, oils and truffles - is imported direct, and menus are Italian, in language and structure. A section of dishes, including the revered white truffle, and two pages (one of hand-made pasta, another of risotti using carnaroli rice) show how they are put to good use. Puddings include pannacotta, zabaglione and more, service by Rachel, is well informed and cheerful. Wines are all Italian from Italy?s classic regions available in several vintages.
We look forward to welcoming you to the Lanterna Ristorante, Scarborough, England, United Kingdom.

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33 Queens Street, Scarborough
United Kingdom
01723 363616
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Italian Restaurant
Award Winning
Press Cuttings
Satisfied Diners
Italian Wines
Fresh Fish Daily
Hand Made Pasta
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