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Behind an old wooden gate, discreetly sheltered in the grounds of the elegant 17th Century mansion of Lainston House Hotel in Winchester, England in the United Kingdom, lies Lainston Kitchen Gardens, a secret, ancient, walled kitchen garden which has recently been restored beyond its former glory.
Apart from supplying the hotel?s award-winning kitchen with fresh herbs and vegetables, Lainston Kitchen Gardens is now a charming location for guests to enjoy contemplative, sweet smelling walks and has also become the perfect location for early evening drinks parties or afternoon tea. Additionally, through a local schools initiative, tours will be arranged to give children a greater understanding of home grown food and healthy eating.
For the last two years, the 4-acre Lainston Kitchen Gardens in Winchester, England, has been meticulously planned by Andy Mackenzie, Executive Chef, together with Bob White, Head Groundsman and Anne Thomas-Hunt, Gardener, of the Lainston House Hotel.
The ground has been dug out, drained and carefully replanted and is already providing 90% of kitchen herbs. Crops of tomatoes, salad, cucumber and courgette, lavender, apples, pears, figs, quince, rhubarb and kiwi fruit are already in place and these will shortly be complemented by carrots, onions, runner beans, plus strawberries and raspberries.

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