La Teada Iriomote in Iriomote, Okinawa, Japan | Hotel

Welcome to La Teada Iriomote on Iriomote Island. This the Blue Island's first encounter with the wilderness to play in.

Iriomote Island is endowed with a rich and diverse nature. All visitors must give a gift to the island. After busy city hours, allow La Teada Iriomote to gently flow from the heart, this is a liberating and contented resort vacation time for your enjoyment. The wilderness appeals to emotions.

La Teada Iriomote features Okinawa's distinctive cottages with red tile. The spacious, open-room, allows the tropical sun's rays to enter and warm. From the balcony enjoy breathtaking Pacific Ocean views, and on sunny days you can see panari Island and other islands.

La Teada Iriomote offers rooms with reasonable prices, from where you can see the sunset naturally.

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Taketomi-cho, Okinawa Prefecture, Yaeyama County, number 508 of 205
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