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Hello and welcome to the French Farm La Pizzeria, Pizza Restraurant, Akaroa, New Zealand. La Pizzeria is built into the hillside right next door to the French Farm Restaurant. It is designed to complement French Farm's A la Carte restaurant by offering an open-air casual, family dining area for those who want a less formal meal..Terraced dining areas, a waterfall, Bay and Lavender hedges and the view down the harbour make you feel as though you have arrived in Europe.

Pizza's are made in the traditional European style with a thin crispy base, a rich tomato sauce, stringy mozzarella, home grown herbs and a range of authentic toppings. A full selection of beers, soft drinks and French Farm wines are available to accompany your Pizza.

La Pizzeria, Akaroa is open throughout the Summer from Midday - No set closing time.

Bookings not neceessary.

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French Farm Valley Road, RD 2, Akaroa
New Zealand
+64 3 304-5784
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