La Baia Imperiale in Gabicce Mare, Pesaro and Urbino, Italy | Nightclub

La Baia Imperiale Discotheque

Baia Imperiale is considered to be one of the 10 most attractive discotheques in the world. Standing on the hill of Gabicce Mare (Italy) amidst greenery, its reflection can be seen in the wonderful blue Adriatic Sea, dominating the whole coastline, with its statues of Roman Emperors, fire-lit braziers and the incredible temple columns. Entering La Baia Imperiale Discotheque in Gabicce Mare is like entering a fantasy world, as we do when dreaming. The entrance to the discotheque is an impressive white marble staircase with one hundred steps and fourteen, three-metre tall statues of Roman Emperors. Two obelisks, seven metres high, frame the fountain which is topped by the majestic bronze sculpture of Neptune. Six incredible columns, each fourteen metres high, make up the temple's façade. This surreal world at La Baia Imperiale continues inside: columns, thrones, sphinxes, centurions, and handmaids, all contributing to creating a magical evening, either by the fantastic swimming pool or outdoors on the top floor under the starry sky, called Caesar's Terrace, a balcony looking out onto the Adriatic Sea that offers a priceless, unique view for anyone who wants the absolute best

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