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"The Kunsthaus Bregenz is an open platform for the artwork and the audience alike in Bergenz, the capital of the Vorarlberg region in Austria.

It is a place for deceleration, where the focus is on the real here and now of newly produced series of works and artists are free to unfold the full potential of their work's radical right. To the artists, the Kunsthaus is a temporary studio, a research and production site for developing new series of works whose validity lies in their uncompromising artistic accentuation. To viewers, the KUB is a place of intellectual and sensory experience and discourse."

Guided tours of current exhibitions. Group admission and guided tours for 15 people and more in German or other foreign languages.

Architectural tour: Architectural tour every first Sunday in the month.
Audioguide: The Kunsthaus Bregenz will be offering tours using an audio guide system. This new educational service has been made possible by the generous financial support of ?The Society of Friends of the Kunsthaus Bregenz.?

Children at the KUB - every Saturday- Child-oriented tour of the current exhibitions, followed by a creative period reflecting on that which has been seen for children 5 to 12 years. Appointments and information for groups and school classes.

The shiny black building (an anthracite surface) in front of the KUB houses both the Shop and a café-bar on the ground floor, in addition to administration offices and the library on the first floor. Not only the whole of the café and bar area bears the architectural signature of Peter Zumthor; the kitchen is also designed in exposed black concrete as well as the black square in front of the café, where visitors to the KUB Café prefer to sit at the round tables when the weather is good.

At night, the café turns into a classic cocktail bar. During the day, it is a small and exquisite café-restaurant, whose menu contains a selection of the finest international dishes. Our "insider" recommendation would be for you to try the risottos and the steaks. A large selection of fresh "designer" salads rounds off the menu. This is a place to celebrate art, to relax, to listen to music, and to simply enjoy life as you become part of the special signature of the place.

The KUB Café was awarded the prize of Best Cocktail Bar in Western Austria, Vorarlberg region, and offers its guests a broad selection of first-class international wines. Events, such as Jazz & Blues, make the place into an event. Current and future events include & Metallovoice ESPACE H& (a jazz-brunch that takes place regularly) and the jazz and buffet anniversary celebrations on the square.

Kunsthaus Bregenz Shop:
While the Kunsthaus Bregenz (KUB) Shop also sells a selection of international articles, a major selling focus of the shop is the Edition Kunsthaus Bregenz. Most Museum shops worldwide only stock a marginal number of their own products - for example, T-shirt and scarf prints - in addition to the usual internationally successful designer products, such as those by Alessi. However, at the KUB Shop, we first and foremost sell our own products.

The products of the Edition KUB are conceived and initiated at the Kunsthaus Bregenz, which finds designers and cooperates with Austrian companies to create the products. One principle of the edition is exclusivity.

Exclusivity results less from limited editions than from the appropriate presentation of the artists (signature, information about the designers) and the Kunsthaus Bregenz in the packaging and advertising material. The number of copies and prices of the products are therefore set so that the products can also be placed outside of the confinements of the Shop.

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