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Although the Old Town of Korcula as a whole is a Museum on its own, there are couple of 'proper' Museums in Korcula with exhibition of objects relevant to history of Korcula. Most of them are located in the Korcula's Old Town. The Museum of Korcula is located on the main square Piaceta, just opposite the Cathedral of St Marco. This Museum has a large collection of displays relevant to Korcula history, skills and crafts. Here is a permanent exhibition of Korcula's sculptor Frano Krsinic (1897 - 1982), though pretty soon this collection is going to be transferred to the recently renovated Arneri palace (next to the Museum) that will be a home to the gallery of this famous Croatian sculptor. Korcula Town Museum is located on the main Old Town square Pjaceta and occupies all floors of Renaissance Palace Ismaeli. The Museum is open all year and displays a permanent exhibition of a large number of artifacts from Korcula's History. The Town Museum (Gradski Muzej) in Korcula traces the long and varied history of the town. An archeological display presents prehistoric artifacts and the Greek occupation of the island is discussed and includes a tablet noting their presence in the 3rd Century BC. At the Korcula Town Museum, there is also a section on sculptures and stone carving. Korcula's famous history as it relates to ships and shipbuilding is also presented. In addition to this, there are also small collections of textiles, furniture, paintings, and other art collections. If you contact the Korcula Town Museum, you can arrange visits out of working hours. The Korcula Town Museum is housed in the 16th Century Renaissance Gabrielis Palace, across from the Cathedral on the main square in Korcula.

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