Kodra Kuajve

Kodra Kuajve in Durres, Durres County, Albania | Restaurant | Horse riding

Kodra Kuajve in Durres, Albania brings you relaxation, sports and nature, here you can enjoy amazing views over the coast of Durres, a horseback ride and an exceptional meal. Young children are accompanied throughout the course by an expert instructor, and many breeds of horses are cultivated on this farm, and they offer farm tours visiting the beautiful animals. The building structured over three floors caters to various events and celebrations on the first floor including wedding ceremonies, birthdays, conferences and more, and there are 16 guest rooms for overnight accommodation with wonderful views, and the Restaurant offers traditional Albanian meals with exquisite wines from the wine cellar to complement, come for a wonderful visit, horse ride or event, it's all here.

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Si Tė Na Gjeni
+355 66 609 0080
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