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Klub Plaza Hotel in Darlowo, Slawno, Poland | Hotel | Guest Rooms | Spa Hotel

Klub Plaza Hotel offers a wonderful stay in this well positioned Hotel in Darlowo, Poland close to city attractions and the beach. Accommodation options here include single sea views rooms, double and twin rooms with kitchenette and park or sea views, and an apartment. Klub Plaza Hotel offers excellent treatments in the day spa and wellness centre complete with qualified professionals, a hot tub, sauna, indoor pool and massage treatments. There is also an intimate restaurant here with winter garden and fireplace, and a great menu, here they host business meetings, banquets and romantic candlelit dinners, the English pub here offers a wide range of wines, drinks and cocktails. Come enjoy a heavenly stay here at this lovely Hotel complete with business centre, bicycle rental, room service and so much more.

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ul. Slowianska 3,
West Pomeranian Voivodeship
+48 94 314 24 07
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Spa Hotel
Hot Tub
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English Pub
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Bicycle Rental
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