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Welcome to Kitepower, El Gouna, Egypt. Visit Kitepower at the new Kite Center in El Gouna, and you’ll be surprised by just how fast you will make progress. Whether you are at the beginners’, advanced or professional level, our knee-deep lagoon will not only improve your skills but ensure that you have fun. The predominant wind direction at Mangroovy Beach is northwest (cross-shore, from left). There are almost no waves. Yet with very strong winds it can get a little choppy.

Take advantage of our large beach and a restricted in-water Kite area for assembling and disassembling your Kites. These areas are under constant surveillance by our people., and in case of a problem the life boat will be launched immediately.

At Kitepower when planning the construction of our generously designed new Kite station, we had one thing in mind: Making your Kite vacation as pleasant as possible.

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Kitepower, Mangroovy Beach, El Gouna, Egypt
El Gouna
Red Sea Governorate
(002) 012 2659596
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