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What is kitesurfing (also called kiteboarding or 'Kiting') ? It is a new sport that has been called 'the sport of the new millennium' due to its recent explosion in popularity. A rider on a board controls a huge kite (no boat or other mechanical means) so that it pulls him along the water and into the air! It is an evolution of windsurfing, power Kiting, wakeboarding and just plain flying with some unique elements thrown in. If any of these sports are your poison, imagine the feeling of boosting a jump 30 feet high and up to 100 feet long from flat water! Impossible to do any other way, even with an engine. Top pros have logged up to 8 seconds of airtime on a single jump and intermediates can easily manage 2-3 after a bit of practice. Way more than most windsurfers - When you'd expect to be falling back out of the sky on a windsurfer, you just keep soaring on a kite. Its a huge rush!

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