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Kite Rite was established in 2000 in Yorkeys Knob,Australia by local Kiting enthusiast Chris Rose. Chris developed the Kite Rite teaching system. Once he had learnt to master the kite and developed his own system of teaching, Chris augmented his skills with an International Kite Surfing Organisation [IKO] course. Not long after that, the water re-launchable kites came into production and Chris was keen to start his own kite surfing business.
Scouring Australia's coast, Chris found Cairns, and to be more precise, Yorkeys Knob, in Tropical North Queensland. Receiving constant south-easterly trade winds from April to October, Yorkeys Knob was the perfect place for Chris' new business, Kite Rite, to start. Today, six years later, Kite Rite has established itself as the premier Kite Surfing Company in Australia.
Kite Rite offers packages for everyone. From group lessons held over the weekend, to one-on-one tuition with personalised attention, we can customise a Kiting package that is right for you. If you are a proficient kite boarder, looking for the ultimate Kiting experience, think the Great Barrier Reef! Reef Kiting is an experience you will never forget and Kite Rite can make it happen.
Kite Rite has a Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Permit and can arrange your transport, on either helicopter or boat, to its exclusive reef locations. Here you will enjoy a day of the most memorable Kiting and a sumptuous lunch on a remote coral cay. Does it get any better than that?!
Kite Rite will take you Reef Kiting at one of two exciting locations: Upolu or Vlasoff Cay. Both Cays are located 13 miles offshore [from Cairns] and boast steady and strong south-east winds averaging 20 knots. Crystal clear, flat water laps at the sandy beaches of these cays, which are surrounded by the pristine coral reefs of the Great Barrier Reef chain.

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Shop 9/471 Varley St Yorkeys Knob QLD 4878
Yorkeys Knob
61 7 40 557 918
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Professional And Experienced Kitesurfing Lessons
Adventure Kiting To The Great Barrier Reef
A Fully Stocked Shop With The Latest Gear And Advice
Taught Over 2500 People To Kite Safely
Secured A Licence To Take People Kiting On The Great Barrier Reef
Supplied Customers With Premium Kites And Equipment

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