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Kimberley Discovery Cruises offer memorable adventures and Cruises on the Kimberley Coast starting and or finishing in Derby, Western Australia. They only travel in the day, so you miss nothing of the spectacular coast, and they have fabulous viewing decks with the top deck boasting 360 degree views. Kimberley Discovery Cruises welcome you aboard Discovery One which offers longer Cruises at a better price, from where you can enjoy the Buccaneer Archipelago inaccessible by land, consisting of more than 1200 islands, as well as thriving wildlife, distinctive red cliffs, extraordinary sunsets, secluded beaches, ancient art galleries and so much more, come enjoy an exclusive holiday with packages including flights, accommodation, meals, land based tours and transfers, and fast boat ride around the Horizontal Falls.

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Derby, Western Australia
Western Australia
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Buccaneer Archipelago
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