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Canoe and Kayak offers Kayaks 4 U in Mandurah, Western Australia with quality equipment including kayaks, paddles, clothing and accessories. They have a large number of kayaks available for hire at Kayaks 4 U in Mandurah which are available single or multiple by the hour, half day, full day or weekly and group bookings attract discounts. Come explore the beautiful waterways and marvel at the dolphins that live there, they are open all year round. Qualified instructors also offers a variety of paddle based training sessions ranging from basic skills to sea skills and Eskimo rolling, and they can tailor your training to meet your needs, so whether you want to buy, hire, try before you buy, or need some training, you've come to the right place.

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Western Foreshore (next to King’s Carnival)
Port Mandurah
Western Australia
0419 885 710
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