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Kathmandu Palace in Truro, Cornwall, United Kingdom | Restaurant | Indian Cuisine

Kathmandu Palace in Truro, Cornwall, England offers award winning Nepalese cuisine which is much lighter than it's Indian counterpart and a combination of flavours, spices and subtle tastes include ginger, garlic, cumin, coriander, chillies, turmeric and more. They also serve your favourite Indian chicken dishes as well as Indian lamb dishes, tandoori clay oven dishes and the chef's specialist seafood and prawn dishes. Kathmandu Palace is open for lunch and dinner and they can cater to functions and parties, come for the divine where exquisite Nepalese and Indian dishes will delight from the variety of starters to the biriyani dishes, sheek kebab, tikka, vegetarian dishes and mouthwatering sides. This family run business looks forward to your visit and offers welcoming hospitality and excellent healthy cuisine.

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