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Jambavan in Warwick, Warwickshire, UK invites you to come explore their drinks and traditional home cooked Indian dishes in a beautiful old historic building with contemporary ambiance. Named after the mythological Jamabavan, the man forced to live as a bear, their flavours and spices are bold and strong with palate provoking dishes as they say, enjoy with fine locally crafted ales and beers and seasonal cocktails. Here they combine the ancient and modern influences of Kerala with it's rich and deeply spiced foods with coconut and tamarind, and Bengali cuisine of freshwater fish and seafood, as well as dishes from Goa with tropical sweet and sour flavours bringing together Hindu, Muslim and Portuguese influences, come for the journey of flavours and tastes, come for your dining pleasure, there's a surprise in every delectable bite.

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6 Castle St,
United Kingdom
+44 1926 496511
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