Izeta Sagardotegia

Izeta Sagardotegia in Zarautz, Guipuzcoa, Spain | Restaurant

Izeta Sagardotegia in Zarautz, Gipuzkoa, Spain has 4 dining rooms and capacity for 300 people, the sea and mountains surrounding the Restaurant provide a breathtaking backdrop and scenery for a most unique and wonderful dining experience. They are most famous for their parboiled steak which is one of their greatest specialties, and they offer sublime meat and fish dishes with a different day menu and crafts menu, they also have a group menu for special occasions and celebrations. Izeta Sagardotegia even boasts a cider house where they produce two different ciders made from homemade apples grown in their orchards, and when the cider has spent enough time in the kettle, it is bottled before selling or served in the Restaurant, it can be purchased at their online shop along with their apple juice, order heaven in a bottle today.

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Goikoa Baserria,
Basque Country
+34 943 131 693
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