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Welcome to the International School, El Gouna, Red Sea, Egypt. El Gouna International School was established in 1998. From its humble beginnings, with an initial intake of 33 students, our current study body (as of 21/10/2007) is made up of 192 children aged between 3 and 18. Our staff roll consists of 32 teachers and assistants. The children represent around 20 different nationalities and the staff hail from the British Isles, Australia, Germany, France, Belgium, America and Egypt. This is a truly International School

Principal among our aims is the desire to offer quality academic instruction and pastoral care in a secure and supportive environment that will not only provide for a fulfilling time at EGIS but also acilitate easy movement between educational institutions. Our clients are drawn from all over world and it is in a spirit of inclusiveness that we aim to nurture the whole child, providing them with the educational and social experiences that promote the acquisition of the knowledge, critical thinking, a host of skills, and positive attitudes necessary in our culturally diverse and rapidly changing world. The School is accredited by CIS (Council of International Schools)

The International School shares its premises with El Gouna Language School, which delivers an Egyptian Curriculum with an emphasis on Higher Level English. The two sections exist under one umbrella - El Gouna School. Both Schools join together regularly for assemblies, activities and major events. The School is a non-profit organisation and all income is poured back into the School.

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