Il Tasso Scatenato

Il Tasso Scatenato in Scarlino Maremma, Grosseto, Italy | Adventure Park

Il Tasso Scatenato in Scarlino, Tuscany, Italy is an excellent Adventure Park for all levels with zipline and aerial fun in the Scarlino forest complex, just a few hundred metres from the beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Follonica and the stunning Cala Violian beach. With it's green area paths, adventurers here get to enjoy nature and fun with super instructors, the cables that create the suspended paths between trees are perfectly compatible with the natural environment around them, and adults and children can take up the challenge, tackling the paths, platforms and obsctacles, suspended from the ground. Il Tasso Scatenato is open every day from March to October, and tickets allow you to use the park for two hours, and there are special prices for groups and residents, a world of fun awaits.

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Viale dei Cipressi 23,
Scarlino Maremma
+39 331 106 2475
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Adventure Park
Scarlino Forest
Suspended Cables
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