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Il Bettolino in Brunate, Como, Italy | Restaurant | Italian Cuisine

Il Bettolino in Brunate, Como, Italy with their great team offers dishes that they like, and with deep respect for the raw materials serve up fine meals with stunning views over lake Como and the mountains that surround it. Enjoy innovative delights and a menu rich in fresh pasta, risotto, grilled and stewed meats, succulent game dishes, porcino mushrooms, lake fish, fresh and aged goat cheeses, local and cured meats and sublime homemade desserts, it is a must visit. Il Bettolino is a cozy Restaurant with panoramic view and they also feature customized menus for vegans and vegetarians as well as cater to food intolerances, come for exquisite dining with breathtaking views and really friendly service, it's all here.

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Via alle Colme, 27,
+39 031 220427
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