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The Ikarus in Hangar 7 also has a special amenity: guests who prefer to leave their car at home can enjoy the luxury of a private landing strip â?? provided they have a pilot's license, a plane and reservations at the Restaurant. In this case a landing strip with parking space for the plane is available right in front of Hangar 7. The world's best chefs present their best creations in close collaboration with "Ikarus" patron Eckart Witzigmann, chef Roland Trettl and Restaurant manager Manuel Lechner in monthly cycles.
The Ikarus in Hangar-7 is the realization of a unique Restaurant concept: under the auspices of the â??Chef of the Centuryâ? Eckart Witzigmann, top-flight cooks from around the world take over the Restaurant kitchen for a month a time.
But one thing never changes: the quality of the cuisine, which is always of the highest international level. Because regardless of all the change and the experience of trying something new, one thing remains the most important at a fine Restaurant: fantastic food.
The standards of â??Ikarusâ? and its chef de cuisine Roland Trettl can be seen not only in the virtuosic presentation of each monthâ??s culinary guest star, but also in the â??Ikarus Menuâ?, a special set meal composed by the Witzigmann-disciple himself.

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Salzburg Airport, Wilhelm-Spazier-Str. 7A
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