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Huangpu River Cruise in Shanghai, Shanghai, China | Boating

The Huangpu River can be called either the Chun Shen River or the Huang Xie River.
The upper reaches of the Huangpu River rise from pristine Dianshan Lake with the scenic "Grand view Garden" nearby. The river, yellow in color and ice-free all the year round, totals 114lilometers long, and averages 400 meters wide and 9 meters deep.
The cruise boat meanders eastward along the golden waterway to the intriguing "three-layer waters" at the Wusong Mouth, confluence of the three and half hours over a distance of 60lilometers, with beautiful view emerging one after another.
On a starry night, gazing from the boat, you can see the stately row of buildings at the Bund. This quintessential example of multi-national architecture gives off an aura of color, painting the night skyline. The splendid array of structures resembles misty ice palaces in a riot of colors-golden yellow, pure white and aquamarine blue. Constantly changing colors mesmerize its visitors and lure them to linger even longer.
The scenic Huangpu River, the birthplace of Shanghai, invites you to enjoy its unique character and flavor!

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