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Hotel Stadt Kiel in Schoenberger beach, Nordwestmecklenburg, Germany | Hotel

A warm welcome the the Hotel Stadt Kiel

The fact that the Hotel Stadt Kiel is considered as the first address in the region around Kiel is surely because of the fact that it connects hospitality to getting one with flair, maintained atmosphere and outstanding kitchen. Lovers of a modern, interpreted regional cuisine come here for dining pleasure.

Hotel Stadt Kiel - Holsteiner hospitality with flair, maintained atmosphere and a outstanding restaurant, among one of the most beautiful heading into Holsteini Switzerland and the adjacent Baltic Sea, beautiful nature and recovery landscape ranks.

Accompanied by the eternal play of the sun and clouds, of light and shade, that changes with the full darkgreen of the pastures with that low-blue of the lakes and for the intensive yellow of the RWS fields. Also worth seeing are the many small contemplative places like for instance the beautiful mountain with its baroque hall church and its bathing resort Schoenberger beach, cross-beam, California, Brazil and new beautiful mountain, whose beaches are good in the summer months for all kinds of vacation joys not far from Hotel Stadt Kiel.

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Am Markt 8
Schoenberger beach
04344 / 30510
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