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The Hotel Splendide Royal in Rome, Lazio, Italy, is a luxury five star Hotel, designed to be royal, luxurious and the same stature of the most accredited Hotels in Europe.
Hotel Splendide Royal is located in the noble center of Rome, Lazio, a city which was and is once again an intersection of cultures and communication.
After more than one year of skilled re-structuring, this 19th century palace, once headquarters of the Roman Maronite community and only a stroll away from the famed Via Veneto ? is today a luxury Hotel and, in its own way, a symbol of the changes taking place within the Capital City?s fine tradition of hospitality.
Recently baptized as Splendide by guests themselves, Hotel Splendide Royal is ?toutcourt?, full of that warmth and kindness found usually only among friends. Guests appreciate the richness in style and the spacious architecture ? in distinct contrast with the typical present-day minimalism governing most new Hotels? interior decor and design.
The Baroque Rome of Bernini, Borromini and Pietro da Cortona, the city that tourists admire everyday by just walking through its streets and across its piazzas finally has a Hotel which gracefully offers that same decor and furniture once only available to the noble palaces of 17th century Roman aristocracy. Here, the lush and rich sumptuousness of the city?s Baroque period comes to life again.
The Murano glass chandelier which Luchino Visconti chose for the ballroom scene in his masterpiece film ?The Leopard?, now lights up the Hotel?s hall amidst the marble floors? geometric designs. On the walls, golden ?boiseries? enhance the warm tones of brocades while the Winter Garden?s sparkling stucco and lush mirrors reflect the soft and natural rays of light beaming in through the vault from above.

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Via di Porta Pinciana, 14
(+39) 06 421689
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Luxury Five Star
Magnificent Views Over The Green Gardens Of Villa Borghese
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