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The four star Hotel-Restaurant Am Sonnenbichl located in Bad Wiessee in Bavaria, Germany, with 22 guest rooms offers relaxation and recreation in a Mediterranean atmosphere, combined with the sophisticated cuisine of our gourmet Restaurants and the typical character of our rustic "peasant's room.

Situated 80 meters above the Tegernsee lake in Bad Wiessee, Bavaria, an absolutely quiet, secluded location amidst the beautiful mountains of the Tegernsee valley. All seasonsat Hotel-Restaurant Am Sonnenbichlin is ideal for relaxation or active pursuits. Indulge yourself in a house with individual, family atmosphere and modern comfort with its Mediterranean flair.

Enjoy the fascinating alpine panorama from the sun terrace, the stylish ambience of the gourmet Restaurants and the rustic character of the old farmhouse parlour. The Hotel is the starting point for mountain hikes and sporting activities of all kinds, for they are the center of Bad Wiessee.

In winter, our Private ski and toboggan slope is ideal for winter sports.

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Sonnenbichl 1
Bad Wiessee
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22 Guest Rooms
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Tegernsee Lake
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