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Holiday guests of the North Sea island of Borkum are of the opinion that the beach Hotel Ostfriesenhof is the best and most exclusive Hotel on the island. Right on the promenade, just 100 metres from the beach, where the North Seashows it's full beauty every day. Built In 1894 as a beach villa, it was completely renovated and modernized in the years 2001/2002.

Hotel Ostfriesenhof offers a very personal service, a relaxed atmosphere and tasteful, stylish guest rooms, as well as a clear and unadulterated catering to a romantic restaurant with a sea view, a Hotel bar and the rustic cellar bar "beach basket".

The beach Hotel Ostfriesenhof has 34 comfortable and fully renovated rooms, with 10 being single rooms, 21 double rooms and 3 suites with spilt with a kitchenette.

Romantics say that the Hotel Ostfriesenhof restaurant because of its views, is of one of the most romantic restaurants in the island. Insiders say it is because of its good cuisine that it is one of the best restaurants on Borkum and all are of the opinion that it is one of the finest restaurants in the North Island.

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