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The 5 star Hotel Ile Rousse of Bandol, Var, France is a thalassotherapy Hotel and spa offering exquisite rooms and Suites with modern amenities, and everything you need for the perfect stay in beautiful surrounds, with breathtaking sea views over the Mediterranean. The spa is, as they say, a relaxing odyssey for your senses with aesthetic treatments, massages, foot reflexology and a whole lot more. Here they pamper you from top to toe, and take you on a relaxing sensory journey with thalassotherapy. Hotel Ile Rousse features the gastronomic restaurant Les Oliviers with contemporary cuisine inspired by the Mediterranean, and La Goelette offers beach dining with exotic selections. There's also Le Petit Navire for salads and snacks on the beach, and the lounge bar at the pool offers tailored cocktail creations, famous champagnes, smoothies and other bar classics, it's all here and more for a fabulous stay.

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25 Boulevard Louis Lumiere,
Baie de Bandol
Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur
+33 4 94 29 33 00
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Spa Hotel
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Modern Amenities
Sea Views
Contemporary Cuisine
Lounge Bar
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