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Hotel Fresena in Baltrum, Aurich, Germany | Hotel

When staying at the Hotel Fresena in Baltrum feel the sand beneath your feet and the wind in your face ... The North Sea is pure holiday!

Enjoy the best days of the year in our small family Hotel Fresena.

Our rooms are modern and equipped with a shower and toilet, or alternatively bath, hair dryer, as well as television, telephone and some also have a small kitchen. Enjoy the quiet, central location and a breathtaking view of the Heller, the horse pastures, or the picturesque village and part views to the beach.

In our cozy restaurant, we offer our guests daily menus, with wonderful breakfasts and a la carte. We have a small selection with a lot of fresh seafood and specialties of the region.

Tourist to Baltrum enjoy the beach, and facilities like an indoor swimming pool filled with sea water or a miniature golf course.

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Lower Saxony
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