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The Hotel Bellevue in Wissant, Pas-de-Calais, France | Hotel

From The Hotel Bellevue - Stretching from the Cap Blanc Nez to the Cap Gris Nez, a twelve-kilometer sandy beach is waiting for you. It runs alongside one of the most attractive villages on the opal coast: Wissant.
The Hotel Bellevue** is a thirty-room accomodation, surrounded with a shady park and has a private car park. It is situaded 200 (two hundred) meters from the village's centre and 250 (two hundred and fifty) meters from the beach where a whole range of activities can be practiced, such as : windsurfing board (Wissant is one of the best spot in Europe), sand yacht, tennis, squah, Guided rambles are proposed, too. You will also attend the return of the flobarts (local fishing boats), and the sale of the fish on the village's square every morning. Tis is the life at The Hotel Bellevue.

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Rue Paul Crampel
Nord-Pas de Calais
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