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Located on the beautiful "Senigallia balcony " only 4 Km. from the famous "Velvet beach" and the historical downtown, the Hotel Bel Sit, was created from a fascinating villa constructed on the remains of a convent dating back to the 1500s, now carefully restored and historically appointed in Senigallia, Marche region of Italy.

In the stillness of its centuries-old park you will find broad open areas, lovingly tended gardens and terraces offering panoramic vistas overlooking the sea,
the magnificent swimming pool among the olive trees, two tennis courts with artificial grass and the new wellness centre with a hydro-massage pool, sauna, Turkish bath and relaxation area, fitness room and the health centre. There is a convenient shuttle service to bring you to our private beach (only 4 Km. away) in Senigallia.

Hotel Bel Sit's unique facilities include an award-winning and popular restaurant, bar, day room, projection room with Internet connections and Wi Fi area. This charming Hotel, Hotel Bel Sit, offers guided tours, various activities for children, movies and evenings in the piano bar in Senigallia , Marche.

The outside vistas are enchanting. The broad panorama affords views of the natural quilt of winding hills that over the course of some thirty kilometers parallel the blond coast with its fine sand, ending in the promontory of the Conero. The microclimate due to the special location and the presence of centuries old oak-trees allows you to enjoy the summer in a maritime climate that is always moderate and dry and surrounded by pleasant breeze.

With these advantages and the professionalism and courtesy of its staff, the Hotel Bel Sit offers year-round opportunities for an exclusive, pleasant and entertaining stay in a healthy and regenerating environment that is inviting and fascinating, unique in every way!

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