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Hotel Beau Site Talloires in Talloires, Haute-Savoie, France | Hotel | Restaurant | yoga classes

Hotel Beau Site Talloires in Talloires, France, has a beautiful location on Lake Annecy that includes a private beach and children's play area. And in such an idyllic setting, our Hotel offers relaxed and comfortable stays guest rooms and suites that feature either lake, park or mountain views. Facilities at our Hotel include a Restaurant, cellar, bar, library and with all we have to offer our Hotel is the perfect venue for many private events. Fun activities available at Hotel Beau Site Talloires include yoga classes on the beach, bowling, board games, power assisted bicycles, tennis, kayaking and more, so there need never be a dull moment when staying at our Hotel.

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118 Rue Andre Theuriet
04 50 27 00 65
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