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Experiencing the Alps, Savoie and everything that Aix Les Bains in France has to offer, all from the comfort of a resort on the banks of Lake Bourget, this is what staying at the Hotel Astoria is about. An impressive array of leisure facilities lie in store: beaches, water skiing, a swimming pool, sailing, an 18-hole golf course, mini golf, lakeside fishing.

On offer are thermal spa treatments or balneotherapy programmes, take your pick of fitness and experience the relaxation .

An air of magic presents at the bautiful Hotel Astoria is all we can say. The Hotel Astoria has a beautiful history : formerly a luxury Hotel, it has managed to keep intact an incomparable style of architecture.

Indulge in the elegance of its spaces, smile at the pleasure of another way of life : all modern comforts blended with the originality of being furnished with style.

In these marvelous surroundings, the restaurant "l'Art Nouveau" offers a type of cuisine expounding the virtues of simplicity.

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