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Hillocks Drive Homestead in Marion Bay, Division of Denison, Australia | Caravan Park | Campsite | Farmstead | Bush Camp

Enjoy private access to 7 kilometres of the beautiful coastline that is Hillocks Drive Homestead, Butler?s Beach in Marion Bay in Tasmania in Australia. The coastline is rugged, the scenery is spectacular, the quiet sandy beaches and rock pools are magnificent. Fish, snorkel, surf, dive, swim, photograph, walk and explore.

Hillocks Drive Homestead is a peaceful retreat where kangaroos, emus and pygmy possums live in the surrounding scrubland. Birdwatchers and photographers are in for a real treat in Marion Bay in Tasmania.

Hillocks Drive Homestead has been in our family for generations. It is situated only 16kms from Marion Bay and 18kms from the picturesque Innes National Park. A small store adjacent to the homestead provides treats, bait and ice, and basic necessities.
Three styles of accommodation are available at Hillocks Drive; Hillocks Homestead, Beach Caravans or Bush Camping.

At the gateway to Hillocks Drive is the rambling Homestead overlooking natural bushland. It is a 4 bedroom home that sleeps 12 people. There are 2 queen bedrooms, 1 double bedroom and 1 bedroom with a bunk bed and 2 tri-beds.

Socialise and entertain in the 2 verandah areas, lounge room or library. There is a large dining table which seats 12. There is plenty of room for friends and family and the enclosed backyard is suitable for small children. Exchange stories and aussie tucker around the outdoor fire.

A small shop adjoining the homestead supplies treats, ice, bait and fishing tackle. Holiday in the winter (18th June to 18th August) and enjoy exclusive access to Hillocks Drive.

Caravans are available for hire.

Fisherman?s huts
Butler?s Bonanza and Salmon Sleepout
* Cost per night
* Situated in a prime position at Butler?s Beach
* Provide basic shelter with pit toilet, gas stove, water, solar 12v lighting.

Bush Camping
Hillocks Drive, Butler?s Beach is best known for Bush Camping.
Bring your own tents or swags and all facilities.
Shower and toilets are accessible near by.
Permits & a key must be obtained from the homestead shop.
The cost per night per car for a vehicle carrying up to 5 people. Showers, Day Pass (Vehicle carrying up to 5 people)
Permits must be displayed on the front windscreen of your vehicle. These may be checked at any time. The camp ground is closed from 18th June to the 18th August each year.

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