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Welcome Hillhouse Bed and Breakfast, New Westminster, BC, Canada. Sometimes I can't believe we have run Hillhouse Bed and Breakfast, New Westminster for more than a dozen years. This 1910 heritage home was the original home for eleven children and their parents... They shared one bathroom between them. Today we have 4 bathrooms and all the pink and lime green paint is gone.(Thank God!)

I am also eternally grateful to have found a wonderful livelihood which allows me to welcome excellent souls from around the world. It is like travelling at the breakfast table.  The second floor photo gallery is testament to the thousands of guests we have welcomed and a daily reminder to Don and I how fortunate we are.  I like to think of this business as a great opportunity to keep people in our community while they explore,,,, but most of all it can be thought of as the ultimate in sharing.... Thankfully most travelers are very appreciative of this.

"Do what you love... and the money will follow" was the name of the book that set me on the path to starting Hillhouse Bed and Breakfast. A dozen years later I can't imagine a more charmed life than opening my front door and welcoming all the qreat travelers who come to us.... We try not to forget that it's the characters who visit us who, in turn, allow us to lead a blessed life style. What other livelihood would have you breakfasting with Alpaca salesmen from Peru..... or a Beekeeper from Wyoming?

Don and I love this old heritage home and consider it a gift to share our cozy nest with great people who appreciate our unique character and genuine hospitality.   We hope the doorbell won't stop ringing for a long time.

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358 Simpson Street - New Westminster, BC - CANADA
New Westminster
British Columbia
(604) 524-3060
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